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update 20111214

Updated koki jweb and maru page HERE

anyway, shipping these two wholeheartedly~~ i wish for the rumors to come true and for bemu to never ends because once bemu ends, the rumors will died down a bit..fufu

more rumors..hehe, believe at your own will XD I happen to love rumors XDD Anyway, apparently with regards of kamexanne relationship, mr daddy "Ken watanabe" already approve of it :) Anne is already 25 years old and ken is somehow pleased to know about it :)

Anyway, the article explains a bit about ken and anne..ken divorce issue was from 2002 and apparently it troubles ann where she have to basically becomes independent (quitting school, starting a modelling career and earning her own  living expenses.)  Ken felt guilty for that.

Anyway, it is said that ken accepted kame relation with anne :) Now that it's done, the relationship may develop further from now on :)

on another note, i just watched anne appearance from 5LDK with TOKIO in it.. she seems soo lovely..and the more i know about her, the more awesomeness i see in her :) anyway, this is what she draws:

anne is very artistic! and now~~~compare THAT with these:

i wouldn't be surprised if anne rejected LAMEnashi XDDDD
Fuku was on a radio show and there's kame mention :) He was asked abt his kakkoi co-star..he said kame and another guy (idk who he is -  藤岡弘) are both kakoi.

14/12/2011 (18:46) - Shooting ended. work and an arrangement/meeting for the whole day. From now on, it will be arrange by a certain record company.

13/12/2011 - Correlate to what the SP makeup blog mentioned before abt shooting at rural area, the bemu official staff blog mention about the shoot.  The shoot is at the foot of Mount fuji. The staff who went to the place with much nature and took off many negative ions? Autumnal leaves were very pretty since it's already in mid-December.

Since it was as warm during the  daytime it was very pleasant and the location natures also good, but it is arctic cold at  night. Since Bem, Bella  and Bello's clothes are very thin, the protection  measure against  the cold is inevitable. They did their best despite they're in the state in which there's hardly cover/clothes. (please dont get sick guys~~fufu) 

1st pic - Shooting at a location with lots of  rocks
2nd pic - autumn leaves in mid-December

For episode 9 this week they went to a village for the shooting..

3rd pic - Splendid house with thatched roof
4th pic - The village house

In episode 9, it would be about Bem's birth and the kind deed they did int the old times.

blog updated by Assistant producer Maki Hagiwara

14/12/2011 - Will be on episode 9 soon :) Such a wonderful photography shoot was carried out.What  form does this really come out from the editing? It is related to a man without a name (sunburn dude that keeps pissing me off) Please look forward of what the scene will come out. 

1st pic - youkai in black tights
2nd pic - Director Kariyama and two shots

Bem's somersault!!! It was a great shoot. (

3rd pic - Bem's somersault in shooting ..anyway, i dont think that is kame..his stunt double i guess :).

IIt'll come out in episode 9 this week. The blog is updated by Assistant producer    Maki Hagiwara

Anyway, rika said she heard at the end of STAR DRAFT, for bemu promo "tada no shitai desu" is a body  (like corpse) and we're flailing on plurk abt FORESEE FRANKENSTEIN BEMU!~~ nyahahahaha~~~ things will be interesting ^o^


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