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*this was supposed to be posted yesterday but LJ was a bitch -.-

fuku calling kame heart~ i dont want bemu to end...i really hope kame will keep in touch with this kid when the whole bemu ended *cries*


The map looks like coca-cola ads..hehehehe..but it's cute  i guess :D

15/12/2012 (23:00) - Bemu final episode crank in

Still one more.There's no more time.

15/12/2012 (9:37am) - Shooting the final episode. Bem Bela Bello, Natsume, a man without a name in a fight/confrontation?

They also have updated the site with bemu DVD/Blu-rays sales..fufufu..the whole bemu gonna end soon is surreal to me T___T

seems that kame sent a bouquet of flower to 大地 ... daichi something something..i didnt see the bottom kanji..anyway, the source at sina said this if for the play 8人の女たち (8 nin no onna tachi) ..but when i check the cast list, i only find 大地真央, i am not sure for who kame is giving this..anyway, he did gv the bouquet to someone :)

and, we havent heard abt shun for quite a while arent we..anyway, in his recent blog entry, he updated a post entitled yamato nadeshiko shichi Henge 30 volumes.anyway, recently he met hayakawa-sensei (the yamanade mangaka) and he gets 30 volumes of the manga. anyway, he said after the drama ended she did come and visited him in the stage show. He said, at the last page of the manga, there's something written about kame ans omasa who also came to his lake swan stage show this year. He talks a bit abt the manga then ask ppl to get the whole manga set :)

yamanade team is loved :)

and ofc, kamexanne rumors still floating around..well, we may never get them i n the next few weeks, so yay for the saturated kamexanne rumors :) anyway, this 2 links basically have the same content like the rumor i posted yesterday except that this two articles talks more about how anne's is struggling living in a broken family..with ken getting divorce and all.


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