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update 20111219 (location shoot+bemu updates+etc)

My weekend was full of wedding invitations -.-

so kame won huh :) yay~~ krys kameno heart must be happy XD

Kame - watch, gloves set (kame is trying to influence the skull obsession that he had to junno..lolx)
Koki - drink set (junno fav?) lol..i was expecting for the insanely pricey jacket but i am kinda glad he didnt actually gv junno that XD
Uepi - reffrigerator (i fail to understand this
Maru - game (maru bb, that's too obvious for

anyway, updated jwebs (maru page, koki oage and junno) HERE
and updated Youkai Ningen bemu jweb update HERE
Oh, and jweb is all christmasy now


anyway, talking abt the present above, remember how kame love lucien pellat brand? he basically got a lot of his goods from them
for the watch, it costs only ¥18,900

and for the glove, it costs him ¥28,100 kame total cost for junno present is ¥47,000

18/12/2011 (1:03pm) - in the studio, the cast and staff took a commemorative picture. It finishes rapidly. No one want to do crank up (not sure this part)

17/12/2011 (1:17pm) - Look out for ep 9 tonight and get fuku signed wallpaper for bemu quiz. Now, fuku finished filming the transformation scene.

2011/12/17 - Fuji. at the foot in Mt. Fuji and will be filming in two days today. A very important scene of action array for the last episode. Cast, staff and all the members are struggling for filming (not sure abt this line). Unreasonable script, limited schedule, and there's tight restriction and there's nothing much than can be done. Giving them advice occasionally "do your best". I'm sorry.  anyway, the bottom of the situation will be tackled in episode 9. The fragments of bemu bera and bero past will be revealed. Various feeling will be connected to the emotion [eien]
but whether it goes away or not. the rest of the last part of the babbling i don't really grasp it -.-

pic: a photograph is taken in the place in which such scenery is in sight

updated by Producer   Hidehiro Kono

2011/12/18 - tl;dr..gonna pick up bemu's mention only XD so basically the entry is written by Kojiro Kimura
, the on in charge of  VFX (visual effect). transformation scene, amoeba scene (the green liquid), Bem's super-hearing, and etc are seen within this work and expressed through VFX (wait..bemu power is super hearing? hahaha..ok..i  just know it). he's babbling abt wakui scene and transformer and what techniques used. anyway, they need to control a lot of  parameters through morphing (VFX technique), the part where they face a lot of trouble is to express "beauty in ugliness."

I hope i am reading it correctly..but they said in the case with most of bemu's transformation scenes, if morphing is simply carried out from human to a youkai, it tends to become "kakkoi"  and that the youkai's tragic feeling cannot be directed. (sorry..but i lol-ed at this..really..kame as youkai is kakkoi..u guys must be having a HARRDDDD time making the whole kakkoi ness at it's minimum.) Then, to adjust so it balances, eye on either side will be changed purposely to make it look ugly. However,there's also problem as to whether it should be ugly.. that's hard. 

pic : the before and after for the scene which Mr. Wakui leaves by truck in episode 3.

2011/12/16 (16:48) - Long day (they're already at fuji)

2011/12/17 (03:17am) - see you tomorrow (my guess is this is their hotel since the crew was at fuji for 2 days..they have to overnight there)

2011/12/17 (08:23am) - Moving   

2011/12/17 (23:28) - Wait a sec (just a moment). saw  his/her 5 years-old son drawing when coming back from the location. It is rather close to an original.

Location Shoot :) there's not much for this eps because there's repetitive scene from ep 1.

1. When Bemu-tachi had a duel with sunburn guy.
1028, Ryukakuji, Sakaemachi, Imba-gun, Chiba-ken - Bousou no Mura Museum  (千葉県印旛郡栄町龍角寺1028番 房総のむら)

2. Village where Bemu saves a girl who was being attacked by a man
1028, Ryukakuji, Sakaemachi, Imba-gun, Chiba-ken - Bousou no Mura Museum  (千葉県印旛郡栄町龍角寺1028番 房総のむら)

3. Bemu,bera and bero house where the villagers chase them away (as reported in ep 1 location)
茨城県つくばみらい市南太田1176番 歴史公園ワープステーション江戸  (1176, Minami-Ota, Tsukubamirai-shi, Ibaraki-ken History park warp station Edo)

and this is the wallies that the twitter update is talking about. To view HERE

It seems that there's bemu extra casting and one fangirl went..the extras were given chuka-man (something like pau) by kame..awww

MAQUIA - friendship theme (bleh..i can kiss goodbye to kamexanne hope.. T_T)..huhuhu..kame seems so attached with anne and fuku T____T

Bemu ep 9 was a bit repeatitive imo..slow also..anyway, i hope for the best for the rating :) anyway, there's a fer things that makes me go and in this eps XD
1. kame long short leg (ed: hahaha..this is apparently anne legs XDDD thanks k2 via fc)

2. nekid kame+anne


as i mentioned before..sawamura and mori moki gotten married yesterday (17/12/11) Congrats guys~~ :)


and this was supposed to be posted here over the weekend but i kinda

16/12/2011 (12:15pm) - Episode 9 music arrangement. Secrets of Bemu and the others, their birth,  personal history, the lost memory , the man without a name, and the method of becoming human. Everything will be revealed in episode 9. (Producer/ Kono)

A few online news already upated their sites with information/press release about Bemu DVD release:

Please dude..not everyone can pull off this kind of stunt..ekk..leave that to kame

I was so bored and got nothing to download last night and ended downloading Warrior prior knowing what the story is all about.. But dangg~~ it is soo awesome!


in case u guys wanna see it :) Part 1 | Part 2

past to sleep -.-

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