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update 20111221

**what's with lj new look -.-

I laugh so harddd at this part..hahaha..ilu koki

and ofc..the ever cute kame XD

xmas message at famikura :) cdt to wb

for the rest of KT members HERE

kame, anne, bero, and natsume sightings :) pic cdt to wb sucks. haha, i honestly thought kame artictic level, specifically drawing is like a kindergarted level..hahaha.

and the plushies is also not XDD remember kame compilation of drawing..this now add to the list XD but this drawing is better than a lot of others that he least i could see maru in his kame. anyway, the pretty monster twitter has been tweeting about kame and kzm programme :)

Updated ueda jweb HERE

21/12/2011 (4:43pm) - Bella contributes a berameiki (make-up) lecture with the illustration on her own. It's great, i am jealous. Please watch the final episode of bemu :)

21/12/2011 (2:30pm) - Yesterday, kouharu role by Anna Ishibashi crank up.and today's shooting was also praised.

20/12/2011 (4:38 pm) - Wearing Bella hair decoration. Does ot look good? and. in the pictue is me, one more person that shouldnt be seen (his sister i guess?)

19/12/2011 (10:09 pm) - Hirota Ryona (housekeeper), Agata Morio (professor), Hochi Emi (Naho), Eitaro (monkey) crank up. Thank you everyone. But filming continues!

19/12/2011 (1:44 pm) - Waiting for eitaro the monkey to sleep. He does not sleep easily...He does not sleep the other day also filming was stopped. Today progress, clearly it is an animal and not human.

Although carried over at today, it does not become as a thought of the animal and a human being truly.

19/12/2011 (10:43 am) - Morning at the location with beautiful hiji for Hirota Ryona (housekeeper) crank up. Otsukare.

21/12/2011 (20:38pm) - Finally at ikuta studio.

21/12/2011 (17:04pm) - Make-up test ends.

20/12/2011 (18:27pm) - at ikuta studio. The climax (most interesting part) . Something is done today (i have no idea what is kurakura-suru...expression?giddy)

19/12/2011 (22:23pm) - giri-giri. A bit uncomfortable. バタバタ? butter? i dont understand the 2nd line.

20/12/2011 - Bella make-up courses. There's inquiry saying "I want you to teach Bella's makeup~". Then,  I asked Bella,thank your for such great illustration. (anne is really great in drawing)

29/12/2011 - Fine art\. The blog was updated by Fumitaka Imamura of fine-arts. Mention about how post production between departments was done.He also said he has been listening to bemu "hayaku ningen ni naritai~" catchphrase since he was small. This live action Youkai bemu,bero and bera, altho he was scared initially, and he now feel attached to it (not suret his part). During standby, the NGs, it was all so lovely. The athmosphere of the opening is also nostalgic, with a frest touch..kakkoi desune :) Since there is much CG composition he also look forward to see every eisode since the completion work is not known. In the anime,although it was meant for kids, It is also for adults to see. painful to be human? I think that it is in drama. The scene of night is cold and serious. Staff and cast was working hard, so please watch us :) Imamura note: The fine-arts is written for every scene.

[TV] 20111220 Youkai Ningen Bemu Hayaku Saishuukaiga mitai~SP HQ
: 586 MB
Resolution: 1280X720
Duration: 20m43s
Source: KAL@GB
Download: MF

[TV] 20111220 Youkai Ningen Bemu Hayaku Saishuukaiga mitai~SP HQ
: 242 MB
Resolution: 640X360
Duration: 20m43s
Source: KAL@GB
Download: MF

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