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update 20111222 scans DL+bemu schedule

i am so jelly of lin to be able to drowned herself with these goodies..haha..anyway, the pamphlet are from gala *hugs* and the goods r the one lin bought and some are from GG contest..hehehe XDDD nekid kame all over the place~

Source: bluvanilla thank you baby!!!
Download: MF

Source: bluvanilla thank you baby!!!
Download: MF

22/12/2011 (5:43pm) - Bemu shooting all day. Otsukare cast, staff and everyone. Thanks to this team that i am able to create the world. The smell of the brew (i am not sure abt this part..sorry). The kindness of a monster.//producer: kono//

21/12/2011 (10:29pm) - crank up a while ago for youkai . still continue to filming.

21/12/2011 (10:17pm) - Youkai Bemu crank up. he talks abt magma taishi (old manga). Otsukare. //producer: kono//

thanks to krys for poking abt this at plurk :) seems like the boys were having get-together :) can't see kame face -.-

So, these are the

12/23(Friday) 5:50~8:00
Kame, Anne, Fuku

12/23(Friday) 8:00~10:25
Kame, Anne, Fuku

12/23(Friday) 10:25~11:25
Anne, Fuku

12/23(Friday) 11:55~13:55
Anne, Fuku

12/23(Friday) 13:55~15:50
「Jouhou Live Miyaneya」
Anne, Fuku

12/24(Saturday) 5:30~8:00
Kame, Anne, Fuku

PR Programme Information
12/24(Saturday) 15:25~16:00
Saturday Drama 「Youkai Ningen Bemu」 Final Showdown tonight!

*anyway, I notice that they havent been doing promo on zoominsata for quite a while :/  huhu...i want more zoominsata promo tho T___T

and~~~ saw this when i was lurking around..haha, cyzo..too late baby..too late..we've been spazzing abt kame anan weeks ago XD anyway, the article mention about kame drastic change and how tamamori jweb page on how he almost fall in love with kame included..lolololx They also mention on how kame address this anan issue on his radio show :) and how bemu staff and kitamura praise kame for the anan shoot XDDD well, the article said kame drastic look was generally well receive *yay~*


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