December 19th, 2011

update 20111219 (location shoot+bemu updates+etc)

My weekend was full of wedding invitations -.-

so kame won huh :) yay~~ krys kameno heart must be happy XD

Kame - watch, gloves set (kame is trying to influence the skull obsession that he had to junno..lolx)
Koki - drink set (junno fav?) lol..i was expecting for the insanely pricey jacket but i am kinda glad he didnt actually gv junno that XD
Uepi - reffrigerator (i fail to understand this
Maru - game (maru bb, that's too obvious for

anyway, updated jwebs (maru page, koki oage and junno) HERE
and updated Youkai Ningen bemu jweb update HERE
Oh, and jweb is all christmasy now

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past to sleep -.-

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i thought it'll be less than that tbh since for me ep 9 was a bit boring. anyway, yay? hehehe ^o^)/  another episode..yosha!! go bemu go! but on xmas eve...eekkkk~~